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Cremation Services By The Sea proudly services West Palm Beach and neighboring cities within Palm Beach County and Broward County. Our dedicated experts are licensed, professional and caring. Cremation services in West Palm Beach are now more affordable than ever, when choosing our family business for direct cremation arrangements. In fact, most families save up to 70% off cremation costs when compared to their local funeral homes. Our mission is to seamlessly initiate all of our services directly with the family. This allows our client families to bypass expensive funeral service providers, which generally over charge for basic crematory services. 

When a family chooses our team, they are harnessing the ability to customize their loved ones final wishes, without having to overpay for a simple cremation. As a leader in crematory services, our arrangements are practical, affordable and selected by 7 out of 10 families in the South Florida Region. 

Cremation Services By The Sea

Cremation Services

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Cremation Prices in West Palm Beach

The cost for cremation services in South Florida, especially in West Palm Beach are on the rise, However, Cremation Services By The Sea has not followed this trend and our cremation prices have remained stable for many years. Our family business understands the difficulty that the loss of a loved one can cause. Our dedication to each family assures that we effectively service one family at a time. Unlike a funeral home, Cremation Services By The Sea is a one hundred percent cremation provider. We do not provide traditional or costly funeral services. Our cremation arrangements are paperless and time saving. To learn more on how we can serve your family, contact us at any time.

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