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How Much Does Direct Cremation Cost?

Direct cremation prices will range and vary from one funeral home to another. For instance, local funeral homes in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach can cost families thousands of dollars for simple cremation services. On the other hand, Cremation Services By The Sea, is a low cost cremation leader and the best alternative for families and individuals that prefer to make a wise choice. Our family business offers immediate nee and preplanning cremation packages that are affordable and honest.

Funeral homes in the Palm Beach County area, have higher costs due to large amounts of overhead expenses. Another factor which makes cremation costs higher in Palm Beach County or Broward County can be contributed to the fact that most funeral homes are focused on traditional funeral services, rather than direct cremation. For generations, funeral homes have push cremation families away because it was not a revenue maker. Today, funeral service providers are scrambling to compete with each other since traditional funerals have become rare occasions. Therefore, funeral homes are trying to make up for the loss and it will cost you, the consumer. On average, cremation costs in Palm Beach County are estimated at $2270 without an urn or the county fees. In Broward County, the average cost for cremation services is estimated at $2350. When selecting a cremation provider, choose a leader who understands the needs of your family.. Select a leader who puts the families that they service first, not high profits. 

Our team of cremation specialist are dedicated to old fashion services that are hard to find. If reliability, dignity and honoring a loved ones are important to you, we promise to be there.

Low Cost Cremation

Cremation Services do not have to be expensive.  Our low cost cremation options are professional and dignified.  We offer a wide range of tribute merchandise to honor your loved ones life.  Choose our direct cremation services and save on costs.  Want to learn more? Contact us today. We can help.

Our promise is to deliver all of our options, pricing, services and merchandise in a seamless fashion. Follow these links for more information.

​​​​Bypass Local Funeral Homes For Cremation in Palm Beach

Its a simple concept. Skip the use of higher cost funeral homes and save on direct cremation services. Cremation Services By The Sea is licensed by the same agency which inspects, regulates and enforces the laws within funeral, cremation and cemetery businesses within The State of Florida. Therefore, you can be assured that we are strictly regulated for your protection.

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