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When the difficult choice to make end of life decisions arises, Cremation Services By The Sea is there to help. Families just like yours have endorsed Cremation Services By The Sea as a local leader in cremation services. No funeral home is required and our firm is available twenty four hours a day. We offer affordable cremation options, similar to those offered by traditional funeral home, yet, we guarantee lower costs. Since cremation costs can sometimes reach thousands of dollars, our mission is to relieve the financial burden, by eliminating the requirement to utilize a funeral home for these direct cremation services. This means that if you or your loved ones wish is for simple cremation, no viewing or public services, we can help.

As a direct cremation provider, our firm specializes in transportation, cremation services, cremation arrangements and cremation merchandise while keeping the costs and expenses as low as possible. It is our honor to be there when we are needed. Contact us 24 hours a day for assistance.

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Our cremation costs are much less than local funeral homes are charging. Compare us to nearby funeral homes in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth  or others cities in the  Palm Beach and Broward County areas. Cremation Services By The Sea, takes the time to care, each step of the way. We are not just more affordable than local funeral homes, our staff members are licensed, professional & understanding. We take a dignified approach to your loved ones final wish for simple and practical services.